The superpowers of the maze URL

May 30, 2018

🕵️‍ Know your testers

Sometimes, you really want to know who is behind a testing session: maybe you want to send a "Thank you" coupon to the testers who completed your maze or you simply want to learn how your product is perceived by different age groups.

Well, I have good news for you: we created a dead simple process to attach any information you need to your testing sessions!

By simply adding parameters to your maze’s URL as in the example above, you can now bind information to your tester’s session.

To view the information, go to the Session’s view of your dashboard and click the "More" button on an individual session to view the recorded metadata (Maze records information about the device and browser by default):


💬 No track, no feedback...

We also created a couple of utils to pass in your URL that can come in handy:

Adding "notrack=true" to your URL disables the tracking and recording of the tester's interactions. This can be useful when sharing your live Maze internally - to coworkers or friends.

Adding "nofeedback=true" to your URL removes the feedback form at the end of your maze.

We hope these recent updates give you more tools to gather and understand the feedback from your Maze testing sessions. Stay tuned for more by joining the conversation on Twitter!