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Why we built Maze Discovery: A look at our recent product launch

A behind-the-scenes look at building Maze Discovery, and the choices and learnings we made along the way.

Why we raised a $2MM seed round and what's next for Maze

Here's what the latest round means for Maze and what's coming next.

Maze now supports Figma

The Maze + Figma integration is now available in public beta. Learn more in our blog post.

Share the love: Introducing the Maze referral program

Spread the word about Maze and get some testing credits back.

Introducing Rich Testing with Maze

A brand new feature to enrich your maze tests with questions. Discover what's included.

Meet the all-new Smart Heatmaps

Today we're launching Smart Heatmaps — an improved heatmap view that helps you dive deep into tester behavior. Discover what's in store.

Say hello to Maze 2.0

Better reporting, unlimited collaborators, tester credits, and more. Discover everything that's new in Maze 2.0.

🎉 Introducing the Maze Report

We're thrilled to introduce the Maze Report—a faster way to learn how your design performs and share the learnings with your team.

The superpowers of the maze URL

Discover how you can use the Maze URL to collect data & much more!

How to find user testing participants

Finding testers for your user-testing sessions can be really painful: here's a quick guide to help.