Elena Luchita

Editor at Maze

Usability testing: Everything you need to know to get started

Welcome to our beginner's guide to usability testing. Find out everything you need to know to get started with usability testing right away.

Testers Hiring: Recruit test participants with Maze

Testers Hiring is now available to all Maze users: hire participants for user testing using our tester panel.

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Discover how Soda Studio used Maze to test two variations of a design and optimized the conversion funnel by 35%.

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Here's how the product team at Freetrade used Maze to test their mobile app with customers before its official release.

How crème de la crème is powering the leading European freelance platform

In this interview with CPO Antoine Fabre, we look at how crème de la crème uses Maze in their design process to iterate on new features quickly.

Getting to Yes: Convincing stakeholders to invest in user testing

Are you having a hard time convincing an executive or client to invest in user testing? Here are our tips.

Do more with Maze: Guerilla testing

Here's how to use Maze to conduct guerilla user testing sessions and collect insights that help you improve your design.

How to A/B test your designs with Maze

Split testing is a valuable method for identifying the best performing version of your design. Learn how to conduct A/B testing with Maze.

Maze now allows you to test your Sketch prototypes

Great news: Maze now supports Sketch prototypes.