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Maze is a user testing platform that turns your prototype into actionable insights from real users, bringing confidence to the design process.

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How does it work?



A Maze is a succession of tasks for testers to perform. Just set a title, a description and the expected path to success.

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We create a unique public link to your Maze: just send it to your testers.

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Get all data and paths for each mission: learn what needs to be improved in your design.

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Analyze your results with

actionable KPIs πŸ‘Œ

Direct success

Direct success

Testers that completed the mission using the expected path.

Indirect success

Indirect success

Testers that completed the mission using an unexpected path.

Giveup / Bounce

Giveup / Bounce

Testers that didn't complete the mission. (left or gave up).

Time spent

Time spent

Average time spent by testers for each path and each screen.

Clicks heatmaps

Clicks heatmaps

Exact tester's click/tap position for every screen per mission.

Misclick rate

Misclick rate

Average number of misclicks for a given path and screen.

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Designers ❀️ Maze

Data driven startups, agencies and tech companies are using Maze to validate their design early.

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Cam Burley

Founder at

Very cool. I always admire simplicity of really good products. You’re plugging into a current workflow, which makes my life as a designer, much easier πŸ‘

Lauren Connolly

Product designer @yelp

Analytics for Invision prototypes, this has been a personal game changer for getting insight quickly

Nitin Garg

Design consultant

Very useful. This is the kind of utility I always hoped invision would add natively. Will be definitely using it for a current project and excited to see how it grows.

Paz Arando

Product designer @mercadolibre

With @mazedesignhq you can get metrics from your @InVisionApp prototypes. This is a huge time-saver. HUGE.

Josh Spiro

UX Designer

Super exciting tool for UX designers/researchers who want to quantify usability of their @InVisionApp prototypes

Micha Wiebe

UX Designer

I think its one of the simplest yet most powerful extensions inVision hasn't launched. As animation and transition in inVision evolve it should grow even more powerful.

James Storer

Head of Design @freetrade

If we were to look at the amount of reward you get from every type of testing, you could definitely say Maze it’s just minimal effort for such high rewards.

Simple plans, for everyone!

A project is generated for each new prototype imported.




1 active project

0 collaborators

∞ testers




3 active projects

3 collaborators

∞ testers




12 active projects

10 collaborators

∞ testers




+ custom features

∞ active projects

∞ collaborators

∞ testers